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Women's Dryness Extract

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Oral drops to help fight menopausal dryness

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These oral drops help fight menopausal dryness with Wild Yam, Schisandra Berry, Dendrobium & Shatavari*

  • Vaginal dryness is caused by a drop in estrogen levels and can occur during menopause or after childbirth and during breast feeding.  It can also be caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Certain antidepressants or allergy medications may also contribute.
  • Tissues may become thinner and more easily irritated resulting in sensations of itching or burning, or discomfort during physical intimacy.
  • Women’s Dryness Extract is 7 whole-herb blend that promotes body fluid production (natural hydration) and helps moisturize membranes from the inside.*
  • With Ashwagandha and Maca Root for stress reduction and support for hormone balance.*
  • With Dendrobium Stem and Shatavari Root to help with hydration and hormone balance.*
  • Warning – Drops are for oral (in mouth) use only – do not put in eyes or elsewhere.
  • Note – Product contains some alcohol as a carrier and preservative for herbal extracts.


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Licorice Root, Dendrobium Stem, Shatavari Root, Ashwagandha Root, Maca Root, Wild Yam Root, Schisandra Berry

Suggested Use

Shake well before use. Take 20 drops by mouth 1-2 times daily. Be patient as the formula adapts to individual body systems. It may take 1-3 bottles.


For oral (in mouth) use only. Do not use in eyes or elsewhere. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a health care professional prior to use if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any prescription medication. Do not use if tamper proof seal is damaged or missing. Keep out of reach of children.

Product FAQs

Can I use this product if I'm also using natural progesterone cream?

Yes, you can use Women’s Dryness Extract in combination with a natural progesterone cream.

How long before I start to feel the benefits?

Suggested dosage is 20 drops by mouth 1-2 times daily. Effects are cumulative and so the results can take time, plus, everyone experiences results differently depending on their individual body systems. It typically takes 3 bottles for results.  How you respond is very personal.

Will I need to keep using the product long-term?

After this initial period, you may continue use for maintenance.  You might consider doing so on a two-month rotation: take the daily dosage for two months; stop for two months; resume for two months and so on.  This gives you regular breaks while your body still receives support.

Since this product contains Ashwaganda, will I need to stop taking any other oral Ashwaganda product to avoid overload?

You can still use Ashwaganda from another source along with Women’s Dryness as it is well tolerated.  Women’s Dryness contains a small amount of this herb so you won’t be getting an overload.

I’d like to take my daily dosage by adding it to water. Will that dilute the effectiveness?

While adding Women's Dryness to water dilutes it, it is still an effective way to use the formula. In fact, many people use herbal extracts/tinctures this way in order to improve the taste or to reduce any alcohol content. 

I’m already taking Crystal Stars products, Fibro Defense and Women’s Best Friend. Is it okay to add Women’s Dryness Extract?

Yes, you can add Women’s Dryness as directed to your supplement program.  In fact, many customers use a variety of our products regularly.  We recommend using 2 – 4 Crystal Star formulas at a time for the best results.

What’s the story on licorice and blood pressure?

Licorice is a widely studied natural antiviral, female hormone balancer, and adaptogenic herb that can help address stress and adrenal fatigue.  It's also commonly used as a complementary herb used in modest amounts in both Western and Eastern herbal blends.  in very high doses, the licorice constituent "glycyrrhizin" can cause elevated blood pressure.

Since 1978 Crystal Star has focused on the functional benefits of whole herbs formulated with secondary and tertiary supporting ingredients.  The amount of Licorice in Women’s Dryness Extract is just a small part of the 7 whole herb formula.   However, we don’t recommend any form of licorice for people with a history of renal failure as well as people who are on heart medication or steroid drugs.  Please discontinue if you become pregnant.

Can phytoestrogens increase risk for diseases like breast cancer?

While it’s true that some herbs like Dong Quai, Red Clover, and Licorice contain natural phytoestrogens (estrogen-like compounds), there is no credible evidence that moderate intake of these herbs in their whole form will increase your risk for estrogen driven disease, like breast cancer.

Dr. Linda Page combined numerous whole herbs in moderate amounts in the formulas. This type of traditional herbal approach reduces the potential for side effects or reactions, and is a primary reason many herbalists choose to blend herbs rather than use high doses of any one herb. The blended herbs in a moderate concentration act more like a food than a drug in the system. They go through normal digestion and elimination like a food, not building up in the system or burdening the body with potential toxicity.

Still, if you have an estrogen-based health problem, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before using herbs that can affect hormone balance. Other products on the market use concentrated sources of phytoestrogens, or may be otherwise inappropriate for your unique health needs.