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  • Natural Therapies

    Ginseng 101 and How It Works

    It may really be as wonderful as you’ve heard! Why are the ginsengs of the world such honored plants? Ginseng is one of the most powerful healing plants in the world! Itís been around for thousand...
  • Natural Therapies

    Bladder and Kidney Detox Plan

    The urinary system is part of a complex process that maintains your body’s fluid stability. Urinary controls are involved with the brain, hormones, and receptors all over the body. They are smart c...
  • Natural Therapies


    Back pain is tricky to manage. It can be sharp or dull, chronic or unpredictable, and it’s often a symptom of multiple issues involving both your body and your mind. Worse? Treatments offering fast...
  • Natural Therapies

    Why is your omega 6:3 ratio so important to the human body?

    We are all trying to eat the right kinds of fats and oils. Cutting out trans fats (man-made, and your body can’t process them) and reducing saturated fats for better heart or cardiovascular health....
  • Natural Therapies

    Can you actually detox your liver? If so, why, when, and how?

    Liver detoxification is a popular trend in the health and wellness space, but where does this idea come from? Is it actually possible to “detox your liver”? And if so, under what circumstances, how...